The Grinch Game (White Elephant Gift Exchange): Christmas Traditions

This is a white elephant game but with a Christmas spin and totally kid friendly.  Everyone brings a white elephant gift wrapped (usually Grandma had a few extras for the people who forgot-totally guilty).  We all sit in a circle with our present on our lap and then Grandma reads  How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Grandkids love being read to, especially a Christmas story on Christmas Eve.  When Grandma says the word “Who” we pass our presents to the left, when she says the word “grinch” we pass our presents to the right.

As you can tell in the video.  My family usually repeats the “who” and the “grinch” very enthusiastically.  It helps everyone pass the gifts at the same time.  Whatever present you end up with at the end of the book you get to open.  At this point you have a few options.  You can either keep what you got, allow for trading, or keep playing!  If you want to keep playing this is how we do it:

  • Pass a dice around the circle
  • If you get a 1 or a 6 you get to trade presents with someone
  • It is totally allowed to hide your present if you must
  • Each present can only be traded 2 times
  • Once this happens the present is yours!