Christmas Traditions: Santa’s Elves and Christmas Shoes

Oh I love December.  I am pretty sure it’s my favorite month out of the whole year!  The carols, the decorations, the excitement…..I still get that giddy feeling that I got as a little kid.  With all the excitement, it’s also an easy time for chaos to ensue and little kiddos to get a little bit out of control.  (Haha that might be an understatement.)

When we were young, my mom came up with a great way to help us remember to make the right choices during Christmas time.

Santa’s Elves Visiting Homes?

About ten days before Christmas starts, she told us that Santa’s elves start going around to each house checking up on whether the kids were being naughty or nice.  Then they would report back to Santa.  Each night leading up to Christmas we would leave one of our shoes out on the porch.  If we were nice the day before the elves would leave a piece of candy in our shoe, but if we were naughty we would get a piece of coal.  My mom was never actually able to only give us a piece of coal, so she would leave a piece of candy with a note from the elves warning us to do better tomorrow.  We had such a blast doing this and it really did help to keep us on good behavior.

A family friend also did this with her kids and they told the neighbor kids about it.  The neighbor kids were shocked that they didn’t hear about Santa’s elves making the rounds before.  They set their shoes outside that night and in the morning their was nothing.  Not even a hint of coal.  So they decided that the elves must have missed their house so the next night they put their shoes out with the Hiatt kid’s shoes.  When Mom Hiatt came out that night, she found double the shoes and realized she needed to let her neighbor in on the secret or she would soon be out of candy!  Love the ingenuity of kids!!!

So What?  I mean, isn’t bribery a good motivation for your kids to be good?!  (Only at Christmas!)