Everything is more fun when you turn it into a game.  Remember when you were a kid and your parents would “time” you to see how fast you could pick up the toys or take out the trash?   Or maybe you do this with your kids now.  What a perfect technique to make working a little more fun.  If taking down the Christmas decorations has you down, don’t fret, turn it into a game.  (Or doing any task for that matter.)   When I worked at a treatment center we would do an activity called “Amazing Jugglers.”  We had the girls stand in a circle and start with one object.  They would throw it from one person to another until everyone had caught and thrown the object.  Then, remembering the pattern, they would do it again, this time adding another object right after the first.  We would come up with strategies like calling out the name of the person you’re throwing it to, some throwing high and some throwing low, or making eye contact before you throw.  All of these things help to promote teamwork.  We would then make a goal of how many object we could get around the circle in certain amount of time.  It takes concentration and if someone slips and drops an object we would have to start over.  The girls usually loved this game as they would try to go for the “World Record of Juggling!”

You can do this with your own family, either making it a game, or using it to help accomplish something like taking down decorations.  Start with the Christmas tree.  Have each member of your family take their positions and set a goal of how fast you’ll be able to take all of the decorations down.  (Some of the more delicate decorations may need to go directly from mom to dad.)  Maybe an assembly line would work the best, but however you do it, make sure everyone has a role, and start de-coring!

So What:  First off, this shows your kids that anything can be fun when you work as a team.  If you are making a goal you can discuss how everyone must work together to make things happen and that things can get done quicker if we all work together!  Talk about what would happen if one person was not paying attention or if they just didn’t care.  Things definitely would not go as smoothly.  When you work as a team, you have so much more fun!!!