My cute little adorable wonderful little son is getting to the age where he has learned to push buttons.  Not just the buttons on the DVD Player, but MY buttons.  He’s started throwing little tantrums and you know the look they knowingly give you when they know they are not supposed to do something and then do it anyways?  He has THE LOOK!  So, my husband and I have been scrambling around, trying to decided what to do about it.  What we do know is that we want to be consistent, we want to teach him the right things, and we want to support each other, but that is not really concrete.  We needed a little more directions and I am glad to say that I think we found a lot of the direction we were looking for in this awesome book:

Beyond Time Out:  From Chaos the Calm

By Beth A. Grosshans

This book is all about parents taking control and truly leading their children who’s actions are crying out for help.  She gives steps to giving time out that basically set a very clear standard and follow through when that standard is not met.  My husband and I especially love her motto that children need to learn Self Control, Respect, and Cooperation.  And that by setting and enforcing appropriate rules in your family, you are helping your children to be more successful now and in the future.  It discusses different parenting styles and how anyone can take what they are and change a bit to have a better relationship with their children.  She also talks about not disciplining to take out your own anger or show your power, but to discipline effectively and appropriately out of love.  We really like so many of the principles in this book and although our little guy is not quite old enough to understand everything, we are working on following through with what we say and trying to set clear expectations.  I would highly recommend this book and think that it’s a perfect prequel to The Entitlement Trap which discusses how to deal with these same problems in older kids.

Little Boy in Time Out

Will time out ever end?

We’d love to hear from any of you with tried and true methods!  What are your Time out Tricks?

:) Brittany