For some reason my son loves cleaning.  He loves taking a towel and wiping things down, but what he really loves is sweeping.  For only 15 months, I think I’ve done pretty well.  (Haha)  Well, even if cleaning doesn’t stick, I hope that playing with a broom will.  One of my favorite games we played in college was broom hockey.

Broom Hockey - Kids On Ice

We split into teams and each person had their own broom.  Using a kickball, the point of the game was to sweep the ball into a designated net.  Just like in soccer you had goalies, and we would even assign forwards and defenders.  (This was pretty serious competition.)  We kept score and the team with the most points at the end obviously wins!  This can be played in any type of space, but my favorite was when we played on an ice skating rink.

Broom hockey is awesome because you can play anywhere (on ice, in a gym, in the snow, in your kitchen, etc.), you don’t need very much, and everybody has brooms (or broom-like objects).  If you’re playing with your family, maybe you should give dad the paddle broom, give mom the mop, and save the real scoring for the kids with the real brooms.  This way you might even up the score a little bit.  You can wear regular shoes, roller blades, roller skates, or even just socks if you are inside.Brook Hockey - Kids Playing Inside

Right now we play broom hockey with my little guy with a broom and a ball.  He loves pushing the ball into a box and then we’ll take it back out and he’ll do it all over again about 50 times.  Best game ever!If you have younger kiddos and don’t want as much competition, just put up a net/box/or any kind of goal and have them sweep a ball into the goal from a certain point that you mark on the ground with tape.  Then, have them each try to beat their own best by taking steps back and seeing how far they can be and still make it in the goal.Broom Hockey - Beckett vs. Dog

So What:  No matter how you play this game, there are lessons to be learned.  One is that ANYTHING can turn into fun.  Even a cleaning item like a broom.  If you have competition, it’s always a great opportunity to talk about being a good sport, and if you don’t compete, talk about not comparing yourself to others and just focusing on doing your personal best.

I promise this will be the most fun you’ve had sweeping the floor in ages!!!