I know a little nerdy.  But the thing is, they have them almost everywhere and there are endless things to do there, even if you do not have a card (ok you should for sure defiantly get a card if you don’t have one).   I  have this desire to go library hopping.  I am going to explore a new library every month.  This is totally possible for me because I live in Utah Valley where there is a plethora of libraries and I am all over the place all the time.  And every library has its own personality and may I add, a little bit of magic.  Do you not think it is  magical to sit on the floor with your kids and introduce them to a new world in a book?

Libraries are not just books.  You can check out music, DVDs, magazines, newspapers, some even have toys to check out.  I feel like I am adding culture to my family already.

My mom use to tell me how her and dad went to library every friday night for movie night.  Isn’t that cute?   There are all kinds of guest speakers, featured movies, community events…. at most libraries.  My all time fav has to be story time of course.  My daughter loves to go and dance, laugh, and listen with other toddlers.

So my challenge to you is:  GO TO THE LIBRARY!

trip to the library

our latest trip to the library