Hula Hoop

Well, I’m just going to come right out and say it…I was once an amazing Hula-Hooper.  I always knew I could hula for a while, but it wasn’t until a family vacation to Florida that I realized I could compete with the big dogs.  I won third place at Disney World Resort’s hula contest and have never been the same.

So, the other day my father in law bought my niece a few hula hoops for her birthday and we all decided to give it a try.  I announced my past triumph with the hula hoop and started spinning.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t picked up a hula hoop in a while and old age has done something to me (or perhaps giving birth) either way, I am definitely no longer a champion hula hooper.

I could barely ever get the hula hoop going.  Actually none of us were that great except for my eight year old niece, but we had such a fun time playing that they entertained us all for at least an hour.  We tried to hula hoop around our necks, we hula hooped around our ankles, and my sister in law is amazing at arm hula hooping!  Now even looking at the pictures, which I gladly share with you, I am laughing at how much fun we had.  So I have come to the conclusion that although no longer a hula hoop champion…I LOVE hula hoops!

Hula Hoop Games

Here are my two favorite hula hoop games that are also perfect for promoting teamwork in your family:
1.  Pop It, Twist It….

For this game you only need one hula hoop unless you want two teams to compete and then each team will need their own hula hoop.  Have everyone stand in a line and hold hands.  The point of the game is to get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other as everyone goes through the hula hoop.  On go, the first person tries to pop the hula hoop over their head while crawling through as fast as they can.  The next person then does the same thing with the help of person #1 and the line works together to try to get the hula hoop to the end of their team without ever letting go of each other’s hand.  The team that finishes first wins, or if you are all working together, time yourselves and try to beat your score.

How Does This Game Help?

This game is fast paced and perfect to promote teamwork.  The hula hoop moves much faster when the people on both sides help the person trying to get through.  You also sometimes have to surrender control of your arm in order for a family member to pop the hula hoop over their head.  In this same way, sometimes we need to give up what we really want to think of what is best for our family.

2.  Survive The Black Hole

This game can be played many ways but I think it’s especially fun with a hula hoop.  Hang the hula hoop five or six feet in the air so that it is suspended in the air with lots of room in the front and back.  The family stands on one side and their mission (if they choose to accept) is to get everyone through the hula hoop to the other side without ever touching the sides of the hoop.  There are many strategies like who goes first, who goes last, and how you get others through.  Make sure everyone is being safe and that if anyone is lifted, they have good spotters!  Once you have everyone across you have completed your challenge, but if you are up for it, try to do it again, but this time faster and more efficiently.

How Does This Game Help?

I love the strategy in this hula hoop game.  One time I even had the last person dive through the hoop into everyone’s arms.  This is not an easy challenge and that means everyone will have to work together.  You will have to think about the different strengths and weaknesses of everyone in your group which can be difficult.  No one can get left behind even when it gets tough which is a great lesson in our families.  When we work together we can help everyone succeed!

Happy Hula Hooping!