We have a fun Family Challenge for you this month! It’s time to get a little creative!

The Challenge: Build a Snowman!

Go outside and spend some time together building a snowman. If you do not have any snow or cannot go outside, get creative! There is no wrong way or right way to do this. You will be surprised what you can come up with once you get brainstorming. Here are a few ideas to get you going…

Upper Left: Gigantic Snowman (with dog dishes for eyes and a tutu for hair), Citrus Snowman (Hello AZ), Backyard Toy Snowman (made from hula hoops and balls). Bottom left: Coconut Snowman (glue, coconut, raisins, licorice ropes), Snack Snowman (cream cheese bagel, peppers, melons, cottage cheese head, raisins) and the Human Snowman (Teenagers getting creative with white garbage bags and large paper buttons).

And of course, classic snowmen are awesome, too!

Remember, the idea is to have fun!!


Four Ways to Show Off Your Snowman: You pick the best one for you…

1: Share your photo via your facebook and link to us in the caption of your photo or in your status update (i.e. add to your facebook share, “I did the Family Challenge @fun on a dime and @play with your family (and insert a description of what you did here)“)

2: Post your experience/pictures on your blog and link it up below. (copy the specific http address for the post and add it to the link list below).

3: Email us with a picture, if possible, and a description and we will share it on facebook/link it up for you (subject: Snowman)

4: No picture, no problem! Comment on this post below or on our Facebook page to share!


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