Games To Play With Whip Cream: Whip Cream Toss

I love my little sister Jenny because she hates to be bored and is always trying to convince people to do things with her to avoid the boredom.  When she has an idea, she does not wait for the ideal time, she does it right away.  For example, my husband and I gave her a cotton candy maker for Christmas.  After opening it she couldn’t even wait for breakfast or to get dressed before plugging it in and started making cotton candy.  The year before Santa gave her a sewing machine and before the end of Christmas day she had set it up and sewn a burp cloth for Ester already.  She’s a fun girl.

So one day Jenny was bored and grabbed a can of whip cream, got me a sweatshirt and convinced us to do a little whip cream poppling in the street.

We had a blast.  This is what you do:

  • spray a small amount of whip cream on the palm of your hand
  • hit down on your forearm while you bring your hand up
  • shoot that little whip cream puff in the air
  • catch it in your mouth


So What?  There is a lot of good that can come out of getting a little dirty.  Once you have a ball of whip cream on your face the concerns about how you look or your skills in catching the whip cream fade away.  Instead you feel more comfortable to giggle and scream now then when you were clean and presentable.  There is a clear barrier that is broken when you allow yourself to get a little dirty.  I also love that this game can involve some competition and rewards.  Have one person toss the whip cream to a group of people and now you have a whole game out of it.  And whoever wins, gets a yummy treat!