We are not always resolute at keeping our new years resolutions, but I love goals and feel like it is truly important to make goals at the beginning of the new year.  Mine usually always involves working out more and eating better, but since those consistently are on my list because of my usual failure to accomplish them, I always add broader goals to my list like serve others more or bite my tongue more often.  Haha

Although personal goals are important, I love even more, making goals with my husband and as a family.  We are much better at keeping them because we help each other stay in check!  When you know someone is depending on you it makes it a lot easier to go running, pass on the Twinkies, or have a Family Night!  I agree with this article that states:

“Family goals are a very powerful way to build trust, communication, and cohesiveness, as well a great way to teach kids how to set and achieve personal goals.”

In order to make a good goal, it should be a SMART goal:

S-Specific (Make sure everyone knows and understands what the goal is.)

M-Measurable (Find some way to track your goal whether it’s a chart on the fridge or smaller goals that must be accomplished to lead up to a big one!)

A-Attainable (Make sure it’s something you can actually do.)

R-Relevant (Make sure it’s something everyone in your family cares about and that each member of your family is able to participate!)

T-Time-Bound (Set a date in which you’ll finish the goal.)

So sit down as a family and start brainstorming what you would like to accomplish for the new year.  Involving everyone in this process will help them take ownership of the family goals.  Pick a few that are most important to your family, making sure you don’t make too many goals at once.  Write down your goals in a place where they’ll be seen so everyone can be reminded and start accomplishing!

Here’s a great article that has worksheets to help you make and accomplish your goals with your children:  Goal Setting Kids

Your kids might need a little bit of help brainstorming goals, so here a few ideas to get your brain going:

  • Eat healthier as a family.
  • Go on a family outing every month this year.
  • Have family prayer every day.
  • Go camping three times this year.
  • Read a book every month.
  • Have family night every week.
  • Play a new game with your family twice a month.  (Good thing we post new games every Friday!)
  • Count to five and think about what you are doing before you get angry.
  • Go sailing this year.
  • Make someone in your family smile every day.
  • Clean the house every Saturday morning as a family so we can have a cleaner home.
  • Go hiking each month as a family.

What goals are you making this year for your family?