Woman Want Real Friends

It has been an exciting week for both Brittany and I.  We both traveled out-of-state for the holidays, we both moved into a new place, Brittany moved to a new state, we both went through 2 rounds of the flu, and on top of that we have been deprived of the internet.  But life is about to look normal again, and we are stoked for 2012!

Being in a new house, in a new neighborhood, not knowing anyone, right after a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends has got me down a bit.  I am feeling so desperate to fill the need within me with good friends.  I found this article, “What Woman Want: Real Friends,”  and related so well to the different kinds of friends I need in my life.

Woman Want Real Friends - Sarah, Anne, and Eden sitting on the doc with their feet in the water in upstate New York

Getting our feet wet in upstate New York – Sarah, Anne, and Eden

Elizabeth Hill talks about the old friend, the deep friend, the mentor friend, the surprise friend, and the friend within yourself.  I can put a person, or several people in all of those categories, and I am grateful to have such good friends in my life.

I must add the playful friend.  I always need a friend who is willing to go play spur of the moment, and likes to have new experiences, even if it means crying children in the back seat.

It is true, we need good friends in our lives to share memories with and to help each other make it through.  I am so grateful for my dear friends and I cherish all of you!