Valentine Ideas For Your Husband On Valentines Day

Valentine Ideas For Your Husband - Scavenger HuntGosh I have had the hardest time coming up with something to do with/ for my husband this year.  I always want to do something unique that means something special to us as a couple.  I know Valentines is less than a week away but I am guessing that I am not the only one struggling with this.  Here are some of the ideas I have done in the past and other ideas that I think sound cute.

  • Scavenger Hunt.  This one is my favorite.  3 years ago I thought we were going to spend our last valentines day in Utah.  So I made a scavenger hunt of all the significant places in our love story.  Like where he first told me he loved me, where he proposed, our first apartment together… At every stop I prepared a special present.  We video recorded it and had an awesome day together.  Lo and behold we are still in Utah, adding to the many places we will have to visit on another scavenger hunt.
  • Memorabilia Guessing Game- I like this idea just as a conversation holder during dinner or as its own activity.  Find a bunch of objects that remind you of a significant event in your love life.  Like a rock where you fell and scrapped your knee on your first date, or a cold stone coupon where he took you when you were still “just friends.”  Put all of the items in the middle and have your husband why they are significant.  This can be a fun night of “remember whens.”
Valentine Pancake On Valentines Morning - Valentine Ideas For Your Family
  • Breakfast in bed.  Classic right?  There are a thousand fun and romantic recipes online or on pintrest that I am dying to try.
  • Make a movie/book- I created a movie for my husband one year of all my favorite pictures of us and of him and our daughter.  It is still a treasure.  I have heard of people making an ABCs of why I love you or the reasons I love you book.
  • Alarm clock reminders- Another friend of mine set an alarm for her husband throughout the day that goes along with all of their significant numbers.  For example they got married on April 26, so at 4:26 an alarm will go off and he will find a special treat by it.  Way cute idea.
  • Valentine Day Pizza Dinner - Valentine Ideas For Your HusbandHeart Shaped surprise dinner.  We love homemade pizza with whole wheat crust and lots of veggies.  So at the end of our scavenger hunt we ended up at a friends house with dinner all set up and decorated and we made homemade heart-shaped pizza.
  • We went to an old fashion ball with my husband’s parents.  I love any excuse to get all dressed up, and to dance all dressed up is pretty magical.
  • Take your kids to a photo booth in the mall and bring 4 signs that say WE-LOVE-YOU-DADDY.  Have fun making that memory with your kids and your husband will probably never take that photo strip off his wall at work.
  • A weekend cabin get away.  Some good quality time together with no pressure to do anything but be together.  There are Groupons everyday that I am tempted to buy.
Valentine Homeade Choclates - Valentine Ideas For Your Family
  • Homemade chocolates.
  • Pictures can capture love better than words sometimes.  So I printed out a bunch of pictures of my husband that I felt described a reason I loved him.  Then I attempted to write my feelings on the back.  They have become part of our valentine decor.
  •  This one might be going a bit too far for most couples, but at the time I worked at a nursing home and my husband and I had a blast dancing with all the old people.  I am going to try and take my family again this year.
  • This has become a family tradition for us.  I love having a fondue dinner or dessert with the whole family sometime during valentines season.
  • Valentine Fondue Dessert - Valentine IdeasA friend of mine once did a fondue dinner for her husband and brought a little gift of all reasons she was “fond” of him.  So cute!
  • 12 days of Valentines – I love the idea of making a holiday last as long as possible.  Why not make 12 days special?
  • Bed Sheet Board Game – So I am more into the SWEET valentines and not the SEXY valentines stuff.  But even then, this caught my eye.
  • Something Romantic, Something Sweet, Something Fun-  Wrap 3 boxed with 3 different gifts inside and label them Sweet, Romantic and Fun. Then let your husband choose what he wants the night to be like.
Attend A Valentine Dance At An Old Folks Home - Valentine Ideas For Your Husband
  • Minute to Win your Love- A friend of mine bought all of her husband’s favorite treats and turned them into a game.  With every new gift presented there was a minute to win it challenge attached.  If he failed to do it in a minute, she got a chance to win the prize.  Whoever could complete the task first won the prize.  Then they went on to the next gift.  I love this because it creates a memorable date night as well.