I don’t think I’ve revealed this yet on our blog, but even though I do have an aversion for TV, I do have a few shows that I think are awesome.  I find myself getting sucked into them when I see them on and I don’t feel too bad at the end.  Minute to Win It is definitely one of them.

If you’ve never seen the show (I am in shock) but just in case I’ll tell you that it is a game show and people usually play in pairs.  Using normal household items, the pair is given a challenge that they must complete in under a minute (hence the name).  They have three lives and they win big money based upon how many challenges they can complete before they lose three times.

I actually had cousins that were on the show, the sisters from Tennessee for all of you regulars, and they said it was a blast!  You can actually get on their website and find a list of all their challenges.  If you look up the “Episode Guide” you will find  videos of the games played during each episode.  if you click on a game you will find instructions for it and on the right had side of the screen you will find an amazing “Challenge Archive” where every challenge ever played on the game show is listed.  Amazing!

For our last few parties and family get-togethers, we have done Minute to Win It Challenges and they have been a blast!!!  Here are some pictures of some of our favorite games:

So What?  I love these games because they are so simple and fun!  You usually have everything in your house and really all ages can play most of the challenges.  We usually keep some kind of score but you could even all just root for each other to finish.  I love games that get the family laughing because that is one of the biggest ways to show promote family unity.  So, if you’re ever in need of a quick game (a minute to be exact) check out one of these!