Paper Bag Game Paper Bag Test

Need a quick game to rally some family spirit?  This is probably the easiest game I know but it is also one of the most fun!  The best thing about it is that all you need to play is a big paper sack which you probably have in your house right now.  If not, don’t go out and buy one, just ask for paper next time they ask “Paper or Plastic?” at the grocery store.

How To Play

Set the bag on the ground in a fairly open space.  Make sure you cut the handles off the bag.  Have one person at a time come up and try to pick the bag up using only their mouth.  The only trick is, they must be standing on one leg.

Brown Paper Bag Game They must grab the bag with their mouth and come back up without letting the bag fall out of their mouth.  Once everyone has a shot at it, take some scissors and cut off an inch or so.

After everyone has a turn trying to grab the bag at the new height, cut another inch off and keep going until you’ve whittled it down to one person. If you can’t grab the bag then you’re out and you don’t advance to the next round.  The winner is the person who can stand on one leg and grab the bag when it’s cut the shortest!

Be careful, this game is hilarious and we don’t want to be blamed for any laughing fits!

So What?  It seems like most of the time, the older and better you are, the better you are at things.  At least I know that’s how I felt sometimes as a kid.  I love this game because it is actually easier for smaller people to do.  In an older crowd you might think the winner would be the most flexible but with this crazy game you might be shocked by your winner.

Our Paper Bag Winner:The Paper Bag Game

The Paper Bag Game really puts everyone on an even playing field, while still giving everyone plenty to laugh about even if they aren’t the last bag grabber!