The Wizniewski Family

Sarah and I are so excited to start spotlighting families every month.  We decided that there are so many amazing people who are doing great things to strengthen their families that we needed to hear from them!  We are starting this month in Sunny Southern California with the Wizniewski family!  I actually grew up with both Jay and Nicole and they are truly amazing people.  They have two little boys and I asked them to share with us some of the things they do to strengthen their family…..

Wizniewski FamilySince Colton was born we have really made sure that Parks feels involved with his little brother so that he doesn’t feel left out or that we are giving his brother special treatment. We all really love singing songs together. Our favorite is “I’m so glad when Daddy comes home…” Parks knows all the words and we like to sing it on the days when Jay comes home from a 48 hr shift so that he knows how excited we get that he is home for 4 days.

We also enjoy wrestling with Parks and having tickle fights. When the weather is nice we try to get out for walks and push Parks on his tricycle and go to the park. I think the biggest thing we do is try our best to have family prayer every night…Parks gets to say it most of the time. We make sure that he hears that we are thankful for him and his brother and that his dad & I love each other and them so very much.

We make sure that he hears us say that we are thankful for the temple and our eternal marriage, for Jesus and the atonement and that he knows we hope that he and his brother will be able to go on missions and be married in the temple. We also make the gospel & attending church a priority every week. I think it is the little things, the small everyday things that make all the difference.

It’s definitely hard with 2 really small kids to do a lot but we enjoy being together, we look forward to spending time together even if it is just watching Tangled or Toy Story. We try as hard as we can to make sure that we all know how much we love each other. Our boys are hugged and kissed all day long every single day and we let them see us show each other we love each other, we try to hold hands, hug and kiss each other as well. I think that making sure love and affection are present in the home is one of the most important things.

Thanks so much for your example Wizniewski’s!  You guys are wonderful!

:) Brittany