A Family That Prays Together

A few weeks ago after reading this post from one of my favorite blogs, 71 Toes, I started thinking hard about what was hanging on the walls of my house and what my children were being taught by them.  We live in a smaller house so wall space is a precious commodity and my husband laughs because I tend to take up as much as I can.

We have lots of pictures of each other, our family, Jesus, the temple, and other things that mean a lot to us, but there were definitely a few fluffy things.  One cute sign I hung right inside the door said, “Life is full of choices:  Remove your shoes, or scrub the floor!”  I thought it was funny more than wanting people to take their shoes off but after reading 71 toes I thought, is that what I want friends to see first thing coming into our home and what I want my kids to see every day when going out?  I decided to remake that cute sign and here’s how it turned out:

Did you think to Pray?

I believe in Prayer.  I believe that it can have a huge impact on our own lives and our families.  Whatever your religion, I think belief in a higher being can change your life and the life of your family.  In therapy, we used to help the girls I worked with find a “higher power.”  Believing in something greater than themselves helped them to believe that change was possible because they were not alone.  It helped them to face difficult challenges and to see life with a larger perspective.

I remember a camping trip when some of the girls talked about their higher powers as they looked at the stars.  What an amazing conversation between teenage girls!

Studies show that, “Children in families that participate in religious activities together are more likely to report having parents who show affection.” (Kim and Smith, 2003)  This affection promotes children’s attachment and security in a family.  “Parents of families in which both the parents and children attend religious services are more likely to know their children’s social networks.” (Smith, 2003)  Knowledge of their children’s friends helps parent to be more involved in their children’s life and know what is going on.

Prayer in families has far reaching affects.  Family Prayer can bring a sense of “belonging, a sense of safety, and security.” (Dollahite)  I remember growing up and hearing my parents pray for me specifically.  I remember feeling like I would be aided to accomplish the things they hoped for me and confident that I could do those important things in my life.  What security and safety it brought me and my siblings to have my parents pray for us together and feel their immense love in our home.  As my husband and I try to teach our son to pray with us and teach him of a higher power, I hope that he will feel these things and will truly believe in God and know his potential as he comes to realize his relationship with him.

Mother and Child Praying

My challenge this week is to Pray Together.  Any religious activity is a great thing in a family, but if you don’t have a pattern of prayer, start today!  Maybe before everyone runs off to school or at night before everyone goes to bed.  Maybe you need a reminder sign right by the  door like we did?

Just Remember…

Did you think to Pray?

:) Brittany