New Card Games

My family is pretty big when it comes to playing cards.  My mom was just down for the weekend and we tried to get in as much card playing as possible: at night, during nap times, and I’ll even admit that we turned a movie on every once in a while for my little guy so we could finish a game.  :)  Eeek!  I have such great memories of sitting around the table and laughing with my family as we played cards trying to beat each other but mostly just losing miserably.   We start teaching them young in my family…


New Card Games

One of my favorite card games to play in a big group is a game called SPAZ.  You can play with any deck of cards that you have.  We like to use Rook or Uno cards, but even face cards will work.

Here Are The Directions:

1.  Sitting in a circle, split up the deck so that everyone has an equal amount of cards. You cannot look at the cards you have in your hand.  Just hold them in a pile face down in your hand.

2.  Assign each card a hand motion.  For example, if you are playing with Rook or Uno cards blue represents sky so you raise your hand in the air, red is heart so you put your hand over your heart, yellow is yellow fever so a yellow means you put your hand over your forehead, and green is grass so you slap the table, or the ground in front of you.  If you have blacks or wild cards we usually make those a black eye so you make your hand into a fist and stick it to your eye.  (If you are playing with face cards, just assign hand motions to each of the four shapes and make sure everyone knows what they are.)

3.  Practice your hand motions so everyone knows them well.

4.  The game begins by someone laying their top card down, face up, in the middle of the group.  Going clockwise, each person then takes a turn putting their top card on the pile.  This continues until two cards of the same color are played in a row.  When this happens, everyone must stop and do the hand motion that corresponds with that color.  The last person to do the hand motion loses and has to take all the cards in the pile.

5.  That person then begins the next round by laying down her top card, face up, and play begins again until two cards of the same color are again played consecutively.

6.  The person who gets rid of all of their cards first, wins!


New Card Games - Play With Your Family

by sarahlavendersmith

So What?  This game is such a blast!  Everyone is rolling on the floor when you play and the best part is deciding who the last person is.  This is also a great way to include kids of all ages because it’s easy to catch on to.  I also think cards is a perfect opportunity to help teach kids how to be good losers and that we don’t always have to win to have fun!

Happy Playing!

:) Brittany