Green Dinner

Alright, I just can’t help but share how much fun we had with the family challenge this month!  It really was a blast making our own green dinner and we had a ton of fun pouring the food coloring in and making everything green. We had to start by making the dessert, mint brownies, and we actually never got the green mint on the brownies because we ate them before I could even put any on.  Oops!  Licking the beaters was always my favorite part of cooking with my mom!  (By the look on his face, it’s my son’s too!)

We ended up having a green salad, green fluff (a yummy jello salad), green Chicken Alfredo, and green lemonade.

We even died the noodles green which was just really fun!

Overall the green dinner was a hit.  We all loved it, but none of us wore the green at the end of the meal quite like my little guy!  He’s been practicing saying “cheese” to the camera lately!

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:) Brittany