Well, my son and I have been sick with the flu for about a week and I think for the past few days we have just felt like we really needed to make up for it.  We have been having so much fun doing some great toddler things.  All of these toddler games/activities have been so much fun, but also so messy.  So if you’re wondering how to get messy with your toddler….

Here are a few ideas:

Pudding Painting

My son loves this!  I just used tape to secure a big piece of paper to the table, gave him a paintbrush, and popped open the pudding.  Funny that he knew just what to do!  He started painting nice lines and circles…

Then it got a little off the table…Then he decided it was a good idea to plunge his hand in the pudding for dramatic affect…

And lastly, eating the pudding off the paintbrush was absolutely necessary!

I will conclude that pudding painting definitely makes for one happy kid!  (I suggest bathing your child immediately afterwards…only if you don’t want pudding all over your furniture! !)

Our second toddler activity…..

Make Your Own Playdough!

I love this recipe because it’s easy and it’s all edible.  (Not that it tastes good!)  But, of course my son had to eat a big chunk and I’m grateful I knew everything in it was just fine…

Play With Your Family Playdough

4 cups Water                      8 tsp Cream of Tartar

4 cups Flour                       6 TBL Oil

2 cups Salt                           Food Coloring

Mix together in a large saucepan.  Cook until it holds together and pulls away from pan (You will probably need to stir it a bit with a big wooden spoon to make sure it’s all even.)

We just keep it in a air tight container and it stays good for a long time!  We pull it out all the time and it’s the best when waiting for dinner.  (Great distraction.)And sometimes my husband and I feel the need to take a whack at it…although our creations quickly get destroyed.

And our last toddler activity…

Sidewalk Painting

My friend told me she did this all the time growing up and it is now my little guy’s favorite activity!  All you do is grab some paint brushes, cups of water, and head out to the sidewalk. Since it’s pretty hot in Arizona, we had a blast painting and then watching our drawing disappear in the hot sun!

Have fun playing with your toddler!

:) Brittany