Passover Traditions

Easter is my favorite holiday.  Have I mentioned that already?  I love the bright, refreshing, excitement in the air.  The flowers are blooming, the days are long and sunny, the colors are bright and happy, those cadbury eggs are irresistible, baby animals are born, I could go on.

Our favorite parts of Passover dinner

I also love that it is a holiday full of great symbolism.  I like to hang up pictures in our house of the last week of Christ’s life as part of my Easter Decor.  It is a great opportunity to think about Christ and teach your Children of the importance of the Resurrection.   In the last few years we have added the tradition of the Passover to our Easter celebrations.  We are not Jewish but find great symbolism in studying the history of the Passover.    Plus I think it gives your kids a cultural experience.  We welcome any traditions from other faiths that teach of Christ.
I love the discussion that happens at the dinner table during passover as we try to figure out the symbolism in each step.  How does this teach of Christ?  Where can we find this in the Bible?  Why would the Jews make this part of their holiday?

We follow a script that I would be happy to share with anyone.  My favorite part of the meal is dipping the bitter herbs in salt water, counting the plagues with our drops of cranberry juice and of course searching for the matza.  Last year I was the lucky winner to find the afikomen (hidden piece of matza bread) which means I got to negotiate for something with the man of the house (my husband).  I won a trip to Korea, which we still have not taken…

table setting left for Elijah

Getting ready for the feast

I did not take a picture of our actual meal last year but we like to do Matza ball soup, seasoned potatoes and lamb or chicken.  There are lots of desserts you could do, but really lets save those calories for when we can have ice cream!  Here are some recipe ideas:

Family Fun Recipes

Passover Recipes

Matza Ball Soup

I hope your family will embrace this tradition and really learn about Christ through doing a Passover Dinner in your home.  Let me know how it goes!

If you want to use our script we’ve posted the PDF. Dr. Steven Walker from BYU wrote the script and uses it in his Bible As Literature Course at BYU.

PDF: Mormon Passover – A Latter Day Ceder Celebration