Food Party Games

I’m not sure that all people would consider me a “foodie”.  I don’t necessarily follow restaurants (we don’t even eat out that much), I don’t frequent wineries or some of the other things that people feel might be the finer things in life, but I LOVE food.  Get me a cinnamon roll dripping with icing or a fall of the bone roast right out of the crock pot, and I feel that I have pretty much died and gone to heaven.  Because of my love of food, we stock up.  Food is something we always have on hand and we would never want to find ourselves without, so while I may fall short of certain party supplies, I will never find a lack of these great party game supplies on my shelf.  Just one reason why I like party games that involve food!  So for all of you “foodies” out there, here are some games for you…

I don’t know if you remember the show “What Would You Do?”  It from 1991 to 1993 and when I was a kid, we were all glued!  The host had different challenges for the contestants to perform that were either funny, gross, or extraordinary stunts. My favorite part of the show was at the very end.  Each person had an index card placed on their forehead which told them what stunt they had to do.  If they didn’t want to do it, they could choose the pie pod.  We always hoped someone would land in the Pie Pod!  The pie pod was a chair you sat in while, up to four, whipped cream pies at a time were launched at your face.  Talk about a good time!  So because of my love for this show, my mom decided to throw me a “What Would You Do?” Party for my tenth birthday.  All the games had to do with food and by the end of the party we were all covered in eggs, whipped cream, syrup, and a few other sticky selections.  It was a blast and I would recommend for ages 10 to 100!  The most important thing to remember is that the loser of each game gets a pie in the face.  You can also use a pie in the face as a second option if someone really doesn’t want to do a challenge.  You can put people in groups, or have them compete individually accept for the partner games.  If you have a large group, you can tape an index card, with what they will compete in, to their forehead.  That way everyone will know what they are going to have to do but them.  The suspense adds to the fun!

Here are the challenges:

Challenge #1:  Egg Toss

Now, this is no ordinary egg toss.  You will need plastic bowls so you can poke holes in the sides to tie a ribbon through it in order to get the bowl to stay on the contestant’s head.  After the group gets in partners, tie the bowl on the head of one partner and give 6 eggs to the other.  Have them go on opposite sides of the yard (I would suggest this as an outside party!) and on “go” the partner with the eggs has to toss the eggs into their partner’s bowl atop their head and try to land as many eggs in as possible.  The pair with the least amount of eggs in their bowl both get a pie in the face.  (Oh, and we don’t hard boil the eggs.  It’s a lot more fun that way!)

Challenge #2:  Fruit Loop Face

In this challenge, each participant is given a big dollop of peanut butter and a plate full of fruit loops.  Their challenge is to race the others in the group to cover their face with peanut butter and stick all of the fruit loops on the peanut butter covered face without using their hands.  Last person to accomplish the challenge gets a pie in the face!  (It will probably go well with the peanut butter?)

Challenge #3:  Eat It!

There were quite a few gross things to eat on the show, so I’ll just throw a bunch of them up here:

  • Eat cornflakes with mayonnaise.
  • Eat a hamburger with honey on the bun.
  • Eat ice cream with ketchup.
  • Eat a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.
  • Eat a Twinkie with gravy.
  • Eat a Popsicle with BBQ sauce on it.
  • Eat pickled pigs feet.

(Are you getting hungry yet?  Yuck!!!)

Challenge #4: Pancake Head

In this challenge everyone gets into partners.  One partner sits in a chair and the other stands next to them and is blindfolded.  There is a table at the other side of the yard and by listening to their sitting partner, the blindfolded partner must get over to the table, grab a pancake, some butter and a cup of syrup, bring it back to the partner in the chair and create a perfect pancake on the partner in the chair’s head.  (Some people might take a pie in the face over doing this one. :))

Challenge #5: Pie Eating Contest

And of course, no pie party would be complete without a pie eating contest, no hands of course, and the person who’s the slowest gets a pie in the face!

I still remember this as being one of the best parties ever!  There is something about people getting really dirty that brings them together.  Once your covered in eggs and syrup, nothing else is going to phase you and you’re ready to jump in to all the fun.  I promise this will be a party people won’t forget so get ready to get messy with these crazy party games!

:) Brittany