I had an “ahh ha” moment or  a mind shift the other day.  I always have this ever-increasing worry about raising kids in this evil and scary world.  I have thought to myself, “why am I even bringing kids here on Earth when they have so much junk and filth they will have to endure?”  I feel insecure knowing that my kids at a young age will be learning about sex, drugs, pornography, crime….  How do I protect them from this world?  How are they going to make it through?  How can I have a happy family with all of the bad that goes on?

My husband and I listened to a forum recently that was given at BYU by Gregg Easterbrook.  He wrote 2 books that I am interested in reading:  The Progress Paradox and Sonic Boom.  In his speech he talks about his research and gives tons of statistics on how we live in a much better world than has ever been.   Most of what is happening in the world is positive.

  • Disease is in decline
  • Life span is rising – 100 years ago the average life span was 46, now it is 66
  • Freedom is expanding
  • Communication is easier and cheaper
  • Education levels are rising, especially with woman
  • Pollution levels are in decline
  • Living Standards are rising
  • Per capital income is rising

Violence and war are in a 25 year decline – human beings are fighting each other less and less.  Your chance of dying by violence or malnutrition is the lowest it has been in human history.

Now we would never know this by turning on the news.  They strongly emphasize negative news which in some cases we urgently need to know but other things are blown out of proportion just because of the easiness to report it and the attention they get.  We sometimes have a love of bad news.   But in reality it is the best time to be alive in human history.

So this was what I pulled from all of this information.  In past generations there was a lot more devastation in the family from outside effects.  Like premature death, accidents, disease, malnutrition, separation, war.  Now we fight the battle within our own choices.  We fight the family being broken up by divorce, finances, selfishness, immorality…. The good news is all of these things we have a choice to avoid.  By making right choices and having close relationships with your spouse and children we can work together to keep a strong family.  So in my point of view, there is more potential to raise a happy and healthy and successfully family than ever before.  It is within our own power!