• You need to be on a playground or tree house or something that has a high overlook point of the play area.
  • As a group choose 4 "check-in" spots that can be seen from the overlook point.
  • One person is "it" and stays on the overlook point for the whole game.
  • That person starts the game by closing their eyes and counting to 20. When the person that is "it" is counting everyone runs.
  • The object of the game is to touch all 4 "check-in" points and return to the overlook spot without being caught.
  • When that person that is "it" is not counting they open their eyes and look out over the play area. If they see someone they say their name and where they are hiding. That person is caught and has to return to the lookout point.
  • The person that is it then closes their eyes again and counts for a desired amount of time. I would say usually 5 seconds at a time unless you have a really big play area and that is too short.
  • Everyone starts to run again when they hear the person that is "it" start to count. But they have to be hidden by the time the person gets to 1 or they will get caught.
  • It is tricky to get back to the spot where the person is counting without being seen. But oh don't we love the challenge of it.

Playground Games

Playground Games - Hide and Run

Hide and Run Start

I love meeting a group of friends or family at the park and enjoying the day talking with the adults while the kids play.  Parents need that break sometimes and it is great to have an activity that gets the kids up and running.  And lets face it, sometimes I just want to sit in that sunshine and not move.

But I also love the excitement and energy that comes when the adults join the kids in an active playground game.  In those cases it is good to have some games that are sincerely as fun for the adults as they are for the kids.  One of those games we played a few weeks back with our cousins.  It was so fun we are trying to get another group together to play it with us.  It is called Hide and Run and it is like an intense night game played in the sun!

Playground Games - Steph and Jen Hiding

Playground Games – Steph and Jen Hiding

I loved watching my competitive husband try just as hard to make it back to the starting point without getting caught as his 8-year-old cousin.  Not only do we learn about ourselves and others when we play together but more importantly relationships of mutual trust, admiration, and friendship  are created when we play together.  My husband has the talent to get a group of kids moving and excited and working together.  In response he is always the favorite adult around and has amazing relationships of love with all the kids.  Many of my siblings have expressed thanks to him for creating these important relationships that has helped their kids gain a good role model and friend.  All through play!  So if you want to try a new game at your next family reunion or family gathering, try Hide And Run.  It’s a super fun playground game.

Playground Games

Hide and Run Players – the whole family