I love cooking and I have learned to love cooking with my son.  As he approaches 2, things seem to get messier and messier.  A few weeks ago my husband was working late and we attempted to make pizza.  There was sauce and cheese ALL OVER the place, but my son had an absolute blast!  He thinks being able to stir all by himself is the best thing in the world and let me repeat it must be BY HIMSELF!  (Yes, he is definitely at that stage!)  At times like this I just need to decide not to worry about the mess and realize I can clean it up later.  There are actually quite a few times when I need to use this logic more often.

There are definitely times when I would rather be cooking/shopping/sleeping/eating (I’m sure you could add a few!) BY MYSELF!  It is definitely not an easy feat to do it all with a little person attached to your hip who un-does it right after you re-do it!  Oh to have the kitchen stay clean for at least a day.  Wouldn’t that be a miracle.  I remember growing up, after my mom would clean the upstairs living room, the room would be off limits for the rest of the day.  No one could walk in it but her and if we wanted to talk to her while she was in there, we would have to shout from the kitchen, not daring to cross the line!  I can totally understand where my mom was coming from now that I’m a parent.  I had one of these rough mommy days last week and it is times like those that I remember….

Baby Poop!

Here’s what I mean:

Before we had our son, we had a very hard time getting pregnant.  After two years of trying we were at our wits end, fed up with procedures and medicines, emotions were explosive, contention was high, and we had such a hard time understanding why these little miracles were popping up all around us but not into our family!  We were in an area highly populated with younger families and it seemed like someone was always announcing they were pregnant.  I wish I could say that did not affect me, but it did.  Somehow it seemed that with each new pregnancy announcement my chances of ever getting pregnant were somehow lessened.  Totally an irrational fear that I tried to subdue but subconsciously it is just incredibly hard to deal with infertility and sometimes you are just totally irrational.  I remember one Sunday at church we were talking about dealing with life’s trials and hard things in our lives.  One mother in particular got up and talked about how difficult a week it was for her and on top of everything else, her little girl pooped in the bathtub that morning.  I lost it!  I started balling thinking I WOULD LOVE A BABY WHO WOULD POOP IN MY BATHTUB!!!!

We were so blessed that we didn’t have to wait much longer after that incident to became pregnant with our sweet little boy.  Pretty soon he pooped in the bathtub and as I started to get frustrated at the fecal mess that was now mine to clean, I remembered my days of baby poop envy.  I decided to be grateful that I had a baby who would poop in my bathtub.

So, when you are have a rough parenting day, when you can’t find your hairbrush and your pretty sure it went out with the trash, when there is a sticky red substance all over the floor, when your toddler turns on your open blender and batter flies all over the kitchen, and even when your blow-drier gets thrown in the toilet…remember Baby Poop, and be thankful you have a little miracle to make such a mess!

:) Brittany