(Go to the end to see!)

Only two more days ’til our giveaway ends!  Just wanted to give you another chance to enter our Father’s Day giveaway and here’s how…

We want to know what you love about your dad?!

His sense of humor?

His hugs?

His grilling skills?

His amazing ability to do a handstand for 45 minutes?  (Yes, That would be my father-in law!)

Tell us one thing you love about your dad, and we’ll enter you in our giveaway to win…

Dad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Job is the every man’s instructional manual
that fathers have been waiting for in the language they can understand.
Dad Rules includes 81 short but entertaining rules to help fathers understand what they should
know, say, and do in those difficult moments when they cannot find an “app” to solve a

And the winner of our Father’s Day Giveaway is…

Rachel Henderson!!!

Congrats Rachel!  And thanks to everyone else for participating!

:) Brittany