I am already thinking about Father’s Day!  I love celebrating Fathers and one of the big reasons is because my dad was such a fantastic one!  I remember as a little girl waiting at the top of the stairs with my brother and sister, waiting for my dad to come home from a business trip.  As soon as we heard the handle jiggle we would fly down the stairs and into his arms.  He was always building us up as kids and made us feel like we could do anything.  I remember for my tenth birthday he was going to be on a trip, so the day before he left he gave me a gold necklace with little hearts and pearls on it.  I was sure it was the most beautiful necklace in the world and it made me feel so special that my dad would think of me.  In high school I wanted to try out for the basketball team.  My dad took me over to the gym at our church and helped me shoot baskets for hours.  To this day, my dad will randomly call to let me know he loves me…something that I know without a doubt!

If I could guess some of the rules my dad followed in order to be a great Father, they would be:

1.  Always say, “I Love You.”

2.  Make the call, even if you don’t know what to say.

3.  Do things out of the ordinary.

4.  Take time with each child.

5.  Focus on the positive.

I’m sure he could add a ton to the list, but here is another Dad who’s come up with his own list of rules to help Dads be Dads.  Treion is giving away one of his books to one of our lucky readers, but let him tell you about this great tool himself…


“The Instructional Manual Dad’s (and Mom’s) Have Been Waiting For”
By Treion Muller

I am a dad. I may not be your typical “mommy blogger,” but what I have to share can
make everyone’s’ life so much better—father, mother, and especially the children.

But before I elaborate on my bold opening sentence, I should probably tell you a
little about myself first. I am a South-African American, father of five, who is happily
married to Soni (One of the Mercy River girls). I have a good job, our family is
healthy, we live in a wonderful neighborhood, and I get to listen to my wife singing.
My life is good. But being a dad can be hard and make life challenging. There have
been so many times during my fatherhood journey I have wished for a map, a
manual, something I could reference, that would just give me a little advice—A
little nudge in the right direction. But I have never found that elusive instructional
manual. Especially one written in the language I can understand—you know, short
and to the point.

So, over the years I have read my fair share of parenting books (and there are a lot
of good ones), spoke to fathers who I thought had it figured out, practiced parenting
principles on my kids, and slowly came up with that instructional manual.

Dad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Job is the every man’s instructional manual
that fathers have been waiting for in the language they can understand.

Dad Rules includes 81 short but entertaining rules to help fathers understand what they should
know, say, and do in those difficult moments when they cannot find an “app” to solve a

Every time someone (man or woman) picks up my book and pages through the
rules I see signs of recognition. Most smile, nod their heads and say something like
this, “Yes I can relate to that,” or “My husband really needs this,” or “My husband is
really good at this rule, but he sure needs to work on this other one.”

Let me make it clear, I am not an expert on fatherhood, which means I try to follow
the rules in the manual myself. In other words, I am already following Dad Rules #1
and #80—“Show up for the job every day,” and “If you are not the perfect dad yet,
keep at it.” But there are still so many rules between 1 and 81 that I have to work on,
which is why even I, the author, will often refer to the manual to be reminded what I
should know, say, and do.

Keep in touch with Treion and learn more about Dad Rules: http://www.treion.com/

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:) Brittany