We just recently planned a mother-daughter night for the teenagers I teach at church and it was so much fun.  I absolutely love seeing families laugh together and just having a good time.  Especially at an age like the teen years, I think it’s so important to create opportunities to have fun together.  I promise that when you are having fun with your kids, your relationship is growing stronger and stronger.  The theme of our night was…

Do You Know Your Mother?!

We decided to base it on The Newlywed Game (but a bit more appropriate).  I know I have a big thing for copying game shows, I am not a big TV watcher but they do seem to come up with some clever things sometimes.  In order to have the Game show affect, I borrowed my son’s play microphone that magnifies your voice.  (Funny that we got it at WalMart for probably three dollars.)  It was a perfect touch!  We had the mom and daughter pairs come up two at a time and I would ask them questions.  They each had a small dry erase board where they would write their answer to the question down without showing anyone the answer.  When I gave the cue they would flip over their boards and reveal their answer.  If it was right, they got a point!  The pair with the most points won, but we made sure to clarify that the points had nothing to do with their Mother Daughter relationships!  Haha, some people didn’t get very many right!

ASU Art Museum

I have played this game with many different groups and in different settings.  When I worked with teenage girls in a treatment center we would do a “Do You Know Your Roommate Night?”  I have also had therapists do it with their patients’ families and it always turns out successful.  You could use this at a family reunion, a family game night, or any family function.  It is definitely more successful with people who know each other very well!  I’ve even done our own Newlywed Style game with couples and it was a blast!  Here are some of the questions we have used:

If you bought your mom/daughter a wig, what color would it be?

What item of clothing would you like to see you mom/daughter eliminate from her wardrobe?

Where will your mom/daughter say she had the best vacation with you?

What is your mom’s/daughter most prized possession?

What traffic sign best describes your mom/daughter on a bad day?

What kind of car would you most like to own?

If you gave your mom/daughter $10 what would she buy?

How many pairs of shoes does your mom/daughter own?

If your mom/daughter could be any animal, what would she be?

Who is your mom/daughter’s favorite movie star?

If your mom/daughter could go to any concert, which one would she attend?

If your mom/daughter could travel anywhere in the world, where would she go?

If your mom/daughter were superwoman, what feat would she perform?

These went over so well and were so funny!  I loved to hear the different answers of moms and daughters.  Everyone was laughing and that was our goal!  When you are asking the questions it is important to clarify who you are asking the questions about and make sure they both answer the questions for that person.  (They are not necessarily answering for themselves.)  Try this fun game out with your family or even just with your spouse!  I promise you’ll have a blast and come closer to one another as you play!