Here is the Romney Family!  I absolutely love Amy and so admire her as a mother.  She is so loving to her little girls, always taking the time to explain things to them, and encouraging them in their learning and creativity.  I asked Amy to tell us some of the things she does to strengthen her family:

I am a mother of two beautiful girls (3 and 2) with Baby Girl #3 on the way!  Right now, I’m about seven months pregnant, so I have been especially interested in activities I can do with my daughters that aren’t too physically strenuous or tiring.  We still love going to the park or the pool or other outings when we can, but some days I really just need to take it easy.  One of our all-time favorite activities is just to grab a pile of books, snuggle up together on a couch or bed, and READ READ READ!  Simple as it sounds, it has been such a means of strengthening my relationship with my girls.  (Not to mention, it is fabulous for their mental development!)  My daughters both love books, and I love to read to them–and even more importantly, I love to hold them close with my arms wrapped around them and enjoy those moments of physical closeness.  It doesn’t take much energy for me to just sit there with them reading, and they appreciate the time I am taking to just be with them, with no distractions.  Everybody wins!  We have also come to love browsing through old family pictures together on the computer, again while snuggling together on my bed.  My girls LOVE seeing pictures of themselves when they were babies, and it has helped them feel even more excited to welcome another baby into the family in another couple months.  As we look through the pictures, I tell them all about what they were like at different ages, and they just can’t get enough of it!  They love to hear what songs I used to sing to them, or what nicknames we had for them, or when they first crawled/walked/talked, etc., and they absolutely love to see what they looked like at different stages in their lives.  It is so fun for me to think back and remember those times, those special memories, and I can feel my love for them grow with each story shared, each picture seen.  And again, there is something so special about the physical closeness we share as we sit snuggled up together.  These are precious moments I treasure with my children, and I know without a doubt they treasure the time with me as well.  It is such a sweet reprieve from the busyness of normal days–laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, sibling spats, errands, and on and on, and we all feel the benefit of strengthened relationships and deepening love.

Thanks so much Amy!  You have such a beautiful family!

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Megan Lavin

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:) Brittany