It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my husband did so well this year!  In addition to bowling and a great night out at the Cheesecake Factory, he got me Slackline!  I have been wanting a Slackline for a while now but it was on one of those far off wishlists.   I was so surprised when I got it and we’ve been playing with it a ton ever since!

Don’t know what a Slackline is?  Don’t worry, you are probably not alone.  Slacklining is a mix between tightrope walking and walking on a balance beam in gymnastics.  It started as a fun challenge for climbers as they had down time at camp.  They would tie a rope or webbing from one tree to another and try to walk across.  While doing so, they improve their balance and their core muscles.  Slacklining has now evolved into a great sport that can often be seen at city parks and campgrounds.  You may even recognize it from the Super Bowl half time show!  I have never seen a Slackline that didn’t have a ton of people around it.  That’s one of my favorite parts about it!  It naturally attracts people wondering what it is and wanting to give it a try.  Need some new friends, need a date, buy a Slackline!  Haha

We recently set up our Slackline at our families house in the front yard.  We all had a blast with it and we got everyone on it from our little 18 month old to Grandpa!  The great thing about it is that you can set the challenge to your level and everyone can feel a sense of accomplishment!  It would be the perfect filler for some down time at a family reunion!

Slacklines are made out of webbing.  You need two trees that are a good 15 feet apart (give or take) that you can wrap the webbing around.  It comes with a ratchet that you slide the webbing through in order to get it really tight.  Walking across is not as easy as it may seem.  It takes tons of balance and core muscles.  For little ones, it’s fun just doing it holding onto someone.

We all had a lot of fun having “King of the Slackline” wars.  We would hold hands standing the opposite way of each other and try to get the other person to fall off first.  (Pretty sure I was the champion at that one!)

My husband mastered walking across the Slackline but it tuckered him right out so turns out it’s also great for taking a nap!  Haha

I used a Slackline as a Recreational Therapist.  One of the tricks of a Slackline is to find a focal point and not to move your eyes off it.  We would have the kids talk about who or what the focal point of their lives was, something or someone that kept them going the right way.  It was always great to hear them talk about the things that inspired them!

So, if you need something to do on this Memorial Day weekend…go find a Slackline!

:) Brittany