I have a family.  We all laugh the same and we love to laugh together.  We play card games and sometimes quote movies WAY too much.  (Drives my dad crazy.)  We can just sit around and talk or play but whatever we are doing, if we are together, we are having fun.  We all believe in God, and try to use that belief in our every day lives and actions.  We love each other.  There are three kids in my family.  We are all adopted.

I don’t think everyone understands adoption like I do.  I got lots of questions growing up about where my “real” parents were and if I wanted to be with my “real” family.  I know that I am a child of God.  I know that we all are, and that He has a plan for each of us.  Mine was to come to MY family and MY family is very real.  I just had to get to my family a different way than most people.

I couldn’t imagine life without my family.  Without parents who love each other and who loved me.  A mother who is virtuous and an example of everything good in life.  A father who protects, provides for , and presides in love.  They gave me every opportunity any child could hope for and I am forever grateful to them.

I am grateful to my birth parents for giving me up.  After having my son, I think I realized for the first time how difficult that would be.  How that would be the most selfless choice someone could make.  To give up their baby because they know that another could give them more, raise them right, and provide for them experiences that they never could.  I realized that I can only hope that I would have that much love if my son had been born in similar circumstances.  Circumstances where accidents had happened, rules and hearts had been broken, and consequences must be faced.  I am so grateful that my birth mother did not think of me as her “responsibility” or her “punishment” for her wrong decision.  She was 15 when I was born.  I believe that in her young heart, she saw me as a child of God, and wanted me to go where He wanted me to go.  I love this song my Micheal McLean that I believe gives a great picture of how all birth mothers feel:

From God’s Arms, To My Arms, To Yours By Micheal McLean
With so many wrong decisions in my past, I’m not quite sure
if I can ever hope to trust my judgement anymore.
But lately I’ve been thinking, ’cause it’s all I’ve had to do.
And in my heart I feel that I should give this child to you.

And maybe you can tell your baby,
when you love him so, that he’s been loved before;
By someone who delivered your son
From God’s arms, to my arms, to yours.

If you choose to tell him, and if he wants to know,
How the one who gave him life could bear to let him go;
Just tell him there were sleepless nights;
I prayed and paced the floors
And knew the only peace I’d find is if this child was yours.

And maybe you can tell your baby,
when you love him so, that he’s been loved before;
By someone who delivered your son
From God’s arms, to my arms, to yours.

Now I know that you don’t have to do this,
But could you kiss him once for me
The first time that he ties his shoes, or falls and skins his knee?
And could you hold him twice as long when he makes his mistakes,
And tell him that he’s not alone, sometimes that’s all it takes.
I know how much he’ll ache.
This may not be the answer for another girl like me;
But I’m not on a soapbox saying how we all should be.
I’m just trusting in my feelings and I’m trusting God above,
And I’m trusting you can give this baby Both his mothers’ love.

My parents got a call in the middle of the night telling them a baby girl was waiting for them.  Nothing was prepared but their incredible hearts full of love.  That was all I needed.  They love me more than anything in the world.  Growing up, I always knew I was adopted.  We were just the same as any family.  I was reassured that no one could ever take me away from them, and I felt safe.  I knew that coming to my family was a part of God’s plan.  I knew that a 15 year old angel was the pathway I needed to take to get there.

I am so grateful for adoption.  I know it is a miracle.  I know that God’s hand is in each one.  My brother and sister in law are fighting to keep a baby they recently adopted right now.  They are amazing parents and the circumstances the baby could get placed in are horrible.  In the few short days they have been with this little angel, she has become part of their family.  Please pray for their little girl.

Let us love our children.  Let us strive to always do the best thing for them, whatever that may mean for each one of us.

:) Brittany