I have always loved the thought that everyone has a story of their life, and no matter who they are, if you really know their story, you couldn’t help but love them.  My husband and I feel it is really important to teach our children to love everyone.  The older we get, the more we realize how we are all in need of some kind of help and people don’t need a judge, but a friend.  I wish this was more clear to me when I was younger and we really want to instill this in our children.  Sometimes I think we don’t always see the bigger picture.  It takes work to realize that people who look different, speak a different language, or maybe have different problems are still so similar to us.  We all love, have fears, laugh, get hurt, and want so many of the same things in life.

Recently I have been reading a book with my son titled, I Believe in Jesus Too, by Mark Nielson.

This book talks about how children in different countries and different situations believe and worship God the same as we do here.  How important it is to know that worshiping is not limited to a certain building or economic level.  Everyone, everywhere can believe and worship Jesus, and how wonderful it is to help our children find that connection with different people and cultures.

I had the opportunity to meet the author, Mark, at a book signing.  He talked about his hope that his children and others will not feel so alone, but that they would know there are children all over the world trying to do the right things and follow Jesus.  This book focuses on the Latter Day Saint religion and would be a great book for a baptism gift, to discuss at family night, to read in primary, and of course makes great nighttime reading.   My little guy loves looking at all the pictures of the different children in this book and I”m so happy that he’s already learning that physical differences don’t really make a difference at all.

:) Brittany