I am totally obsessed with the Olympics.  I don’t really watch other sports on TV, or even any programs at all.  But when the Olympics come around I think I spend all of my 4 years of TV time in those few weeks.  I love gymnastics the most, that is kinda my thing, but I find amazement in all the other events as well.  I am just bewildered by the athletic ability, determination, sacrifice, and diligence of the Olympians.  Especially this time around where I will be 9 months pregnant, I think the double fulls are going to look that much more impossible.

What would it be like to call yourself and Olympian?  Wow, what an accomplishment.  This is bringing the competitive side out and I just want to try to do something hard and beat everyone else around me.  Even if it is catching popcorn in my mouth or running with an egg on a spoon.  You still get the satisfaction of winning, right?  And of course there is all the benefits of playing with your family that are most important :).

So I am planning a 2012 Tanner Family Olympic Games when I am home for a couple of weeks in July.  This is what I am thinking so far.  Let me know if you have any great ideas.

1. We must all make our own flag/t-shirt that symbolizes who we are and where we come from.  This will either be worn or displayed throughout the games.


2. Events:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics unroll the crepe paper or toilet paper

idea from www.lillightomine.com

  • Gymnastics- Hand Stand Contest/ Balance on ball

from http://inlandskimboarding.blogspot.com

  • Track- 100 meter dash in each age group (or equal competition I better get another pregnant lady to race against)


  • Volleyball/ Badminton because if we did Basketball or Soccer there would be some major advantages to some teams
  • Swimming- Balance a bucket of water on your head while filling it up


  • Field- Water Balloon Toss/ Frisbee Golf



3. Awards


4. Treats- ya know to make everyone feel happy in the end


Ok so I will let you know how our Tanner Family Olympics turns out.  And I would love to hear about your Olympic plans.