No more teachers, no more books!  No more teachers, dirty looks!  Ok, I really do love teachers and don’t think they give kids dirty looks, but I would bet that the #1 most exciting thing about summer is that kids don’t have to go to school.  Summer is for fun, and tons of summer activities probably consist of things that kids feel are not challenging or knowledge building like video games and watching tv.  I can understand the need to unwind a bit from a year of school, but can’t learning be fun too!  What if we could make learning so exciting, kids don’t even realize their doing it?  Then, when you point out they’ve learned something, maybe they might start to think that being smart and gaining knowledge aren’t that bad after all.  So this summer, why not encourage the natural curiosity in your kiddos and set up some summer learning activities?!  We just did a great one with our nephew and our whole family had a blast!

He knew putting a mint mento in Coke would make it explode, but he didn’t know if diet or regular would go higher.  He decided to experiment.  His Dad helped him measure an eight foot board and put marks on it indicating each foot.  He set his board against a tree and tested each one.  I won’t tell you which one went higher, you’ll have to test it yourself, but it really was a blast and made us want to continue to experiment.  What about different soda’s?  Why does it have to be a mint mento and not the fruity flavor?  Or simply what makes it explode?  So many questions to answer!

I not only loved the fun of learning but how it got the whole family out having fun!  Everyone wanted to guess which one would work and be the eye that caught just how tall the stream of Coke went.  What a perfect Family Activity this summer!

Here are more great summer learning ideas:

  • Create a “Learn Something New Every Day Journal
  • Try a Glow in the Dark Experiment with things you might just have lying around! Pour 1/4″ Mountain Dew in a bottle, add tiny bit of baking soda and 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Shake it up and it glows. Pour on the sidewalk to “paint” and what a party you’ve got!
  • Have your kids write a story and then act it out as a play.  If you want to get really fancy you can even help them paint a set and make costumes.
  • Print out a star chart and go stargazing!  See how many constellations you can find.
  • Check out this blog for some awesome science experiments in the kitchen including Milk Color Explosions!
  • Call a cousin to see if they’ll be your child’s pen pal for the summer.  This will help give your kids fun opportunities to practice reading and writing!
  • Have Dad help your kids build some cool things.  Just putting an idea into a concrete object will help your kids to learn that work yields great results.
  • Make some tin can stilts!
  • Check out a bird book from the library and go bird watching.  See if you can’t identify what you see.
  • Loved this idea from The Crafting Chicks to make your kids Merit Badges for the skills they build during the summer!

We challenge you to get your kids experimenting and learning this summer!  Keep those brains working while school’s out!  (We wont’ tell your kids!)

:) Brittany