We met the Steward Family when we were doing an internship out in Washington DC.  They are an amazing family.  Brittany comes from a family of 14 kids and she is one of those moms that does it all from cooking, to crafts, to decorating, to loving her girls and her hubby.  Her girls are adorable and we love them so much!  Here is how the Steward’s strengthen their family:

I’m Brittany Steward. My hubby Josh and I have two cute and crazy little girls:
Ellie is 2 ½ years and Laini is 7 months.

How do I strengthen my family?

A few weeks ago, I found myself less than happy with my patience and attitude
toward my children. So, I wrote these phrases/words on a piece of paper and
taped them up around the house to help remind myself to be a better example:

Keep your voice down
Be calm
Be patient
Be loving
Be an example

Ellie, my two year old noticed them right away and wanted to know what they
were. I explained them to her and almost instantly, she had them all memorized!
She also wanted to make one for herself. We decided hitting was something
Ellie needed to stop doing; so we wrote No hitting on a piece of paper and taped
it on the wall for her. Having this constant reminder each day has really helped
Ellie and I remember our goal. It has also taught me how important it is to be a
good example to my girls because they are watching everything I do. I think an
important way to strengthen my family is to first strengthen myself. By improving
my own weaknesses, I improve my example and that strengthens my family.

By the way, Ellie almost never hits now!

Thanks so much Steward Family!  You guys are awesome!!!

:) Brittany