Well, we are off to the beach this week with the fam!  We are so excited and are sure to come back with lots of new game ideas to share.  (Especially with my mom being the true Game Pro that she is!)   We were slammed trying to get things ready to go to the beach, but we of course had some time to squeeze in some fun!  Our favorite great activity we did was to create a sensory board.  My little guy is starting to say words like crazy.  It is so much fun and now I feel the need even more to describe and explain everything that’s going on around him.  So, when my friend Megan suggesting making sensory boards, I was thrilled!

We started with blank canvases and gathered every random craft supply we had lying around our houses.  In the end, the loot consisted of:

  • bells
  • wood pieces
  • small smooth stones
  • bells
  • pipe cleaners
  • small rope
  • yarn
  • felt
  • tin foil
  • puff balls
  • denim
  • sandpaper
  • multi-colored ribbon
  • different textures of material
  • buttons
  • foam stickers
  • screws
  • chains
  • beads

We actually got out our cupcakes tins and filled each hole with something different to create some kind of order.  Then, we started gluing.  In the end, the place was an absolute mess, but we all had fun.  The boys loved playing with everything we had out.  In true boy fashion, their favorite pastime was throwing the little stones all over the place.  After we placed all the pieces on, this is how my board turned out:

My original intention for the board was to describe the things on it like soft, smooth, rough, fuzzy, red, blue, shiny, curly, but it has ended up being so much fun in other ways too.  My son loves just touching everything on it.  His favorite thing is trying to pull things off but everything has stayed on pretty well.  He will pull it out every day and loves exploring all the different textures and items on the board.  Amazingly it has given me some nice mommy time while he plays.  :)  It was a fun activity to make together and play with.

Need something fun to do with your toddler?  Make a sensory board!