I know I am just at the beginning of forming my opinion on this matter and I am sure that I will learn a lot more about how to raise a good family in the country and in the big city as I experience more, but being an Idaho girl just recently moved to Boston I feel a whirlwind of questions that I just wanted to capture.  I don’t have the answers yet, but I would love your opinions and I will keep pondering.

What is better for raising a family: big city culture or small town freedom?

Can you have a humble and down to earth child if he was raised in a big city?

Can you have a well-educated and cultured child if he was raised in a small town?

Is it important to grow up close to family?

Does space and dirt and open trees inspire creativity and childhood dreams?

Do kids like museums and history sites or is it a waste of money?

Can a family feel the same closeness in a bustling city as they do in a slow town?

Are there more sins that your kids encounter in a big city?

Private Schooling vs Public Schooling

What kind of things do kids to for fun in both settings?  Is one better?

Which one provides more opportunities for college, good networks, jobs?

Does your child aspire to be what he is surrounded by?  Lawyers or Engineers or Farmers?

Do small towns make small minds?

Is education more important than free play?

Worry about germs on the Subway or let them eat dirt?

Ok so you get my inner turmoil, or at least desire to understand.  While I know the answer to all of these questions is going to be, “it depends on the child or situation” I want to explore the  pros and cons of such different life styles.  I was born and raised in Boise Idaho, and I had a fabulous childhood.  Boise is not a small town by any means, but it is Idaho.  So forgive me if some of these questions seem bias.  I still favor the slower life in the west versus the busy life in the east because it is my home, it is what I know.  But I keep having these blow me out of the water, eye-opening experiences in the East that I never got to experience in the West that has shaken my loyalty a little bit.   I also have met some very impressive and admirable families here that are convincing me it is possible to raise a good solid family in the middle of chaos.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this debate.