Well, I saw on pinterest the other day a pin on making cardboard things with your kids.  It led me to this cute blog called, Craigslist Dad, that had all these great ideas on things to make out of boxes with your kids.  Everything from a play kitchen to a gas station pump.  So cute!  These ones looked pretty professional, so please don’t compare ours to the ones on the site.  Although it may look a little hodge-podge, my son and I had a ton of fun making this.  We used an old diaper box (Which we are hoping to not have to buy for him very soon!  Please send any potty training ideas my way!  Haha).  Anyways, we started by cutting a hole in the middle for him to sit in.  Even without all the bells and whistles, he loved getting in and out and tipping himself over and doing it all over again.

We had these fun crayon markers and decided they would be perfect to color on the box.  Little B tried to cover every inch of the box and I think he just loved the idea of coloring on something besides paper.

We made some stripes with the painting tape, and cut out some round lights and numbers out of felt.  We also cut out wheels using the extra pieces of cardboard and hot glued everything on.

We had to put a little racing “wind breaker” (I know that’s not what these are called, but I am not a racer.  Maybe we should ask Arie since hopefully he will suddenly find himself with lots of free time.  Jeff fan!) on the back of our race car.  We also put on some dials and a wheel using paper cups.  (Also hot glued on…the wheel did not last long, I am thinking gorilla glue next time :)

As you can see we got very messy.  But what makes a project more fun than a big mess?!!!

And here we are with an awesome race car and a very happy racer.  Now we just need some friends with more cars to create our own drive in movie!!!  Even as little as B is, he loved making the car.  It’s funny how whatever I am doing, he will love to do it too if we can do it together.  I know that doing things like this with our kids also shows them not only that playing is important to us, but that they are important to us.  So today, I challenge you to build something with your kids!  I promise if you look hard enough and get everybody thinking, you’ll come up with something great!  Come back and give us your ideas!!!

:) Brittany