Well, I am super happy to say that I am 10 weeks pregnant and we are so excited!  I am getting the normal nausea and other normal symptoms, but it is totally worth it for another little miracle.  The only symptom that seems a little abnormal is my emotions!  I am normally a pretty emotional person, but the last few weeks have been overboard.  My poor husband is enduring it well and I keep telling him, this too shall pass!  The other day my best friend said she was going to take my son to come play with her kids in the morning so I could just rest.  She is amazing, I said “great”, and didn’t think about it again ’til that night when I had an absolute break down.  How could I let her take my son when my alone time with him would soon be close to none!  He makes me so happy, he makes me laugh, he helps me pull through my sick days, how could I let him go over to her house when that is three precious hours I could have playing with him?  Ridiculous?  I know!  But those thoughts were going through my head, I was crying, and my great hubby said I should just call her and tell her that she didn’t need to take him.  So in the morning I did, and all was fine.  This next week my hubby and I have an anniversary trip planned and it’s the first time we’re leaving him overnight.  And it’s for three nights.  Yea, I know you’re saying I’m not going to last; but I will, even if I’m kicking and screaming.  Plus, Grandma and Grandpa are watching him and have already planned to fill his days with treats and bliss.  How could I deprive him of that?  But, as I’ve been thinking about what to tell my mom to help while we’re gone, I’ve thought so much about the things I’ve learned from my son, how fast he’s grown up, and how much I love him.  I seriously would do ANYTHING for this little boy:

He is so amazing and I wanted to share five of the life lessons I’ve learned from him in the almost two short years he has blessed our family:

1.  The first lesson is:  Wake Up Happy!  I love hearing him in the morning and I’m sure, as many parents do, I find myself anticipating hearing him sometimes, (which totally makes me mad that I’m missing out on great sleep just because I THINK he’s going to start yelling for us).  He always starts yelling “Mom, Dad” over and over again until we come get him.  When I walk into his room, he starts jumping on his crib mattress, laughing, and smiling.  I pick him up and he gives me the biggest, best hug ever and I can’t help but smile no matter how early it is.  This morning my mom called a bit too early and I was a little grumpy.  I thought about how I could really take a hint from my son.  Imagine how great it would be if, as adults, we jumped up excited for our day, smiling at everyone, and maybe even jumping on the bed a bit before breakfast.  I’m working on it!

2.  Instantly Forgive.  Isn’t it amazing how kids will give you a huge hug right after they’ve been in time out or when you’ve disciplined them for doing something wrong.  I love that my little guy knows we love him even when he gets in trouble, but an even more amazing thing happened the other day.  I am definitely a head flipper when I blow-dry my hair.  As I was getting ready for church I was blow drying my hair upside-down and B was running around our room.  At one point I went to flip my hair and the blow-dryer back up and at the same time B ran full speed toward me. OUCH!  Blow-dryer and eye made direct contact resulting in a very sad boy, a black eye, and a crying pregnant mommy.  I felt so bad but as soon as it happened he reached his arms out to me for comfort.  ME.  The one who just whacked him with a purple block of metal!  I realized how much I need to be more like that, instantly forgiving, realizing that most of the time, people, especially those you love, didn’t mean to hurt you.

3.  Most People Want To Share!  Isn’t it so funny how kids are not afraid to go up to anyone and ask for some of their gold fish or teddy grams?!  My little guy has a definite food radar, and he even knows when food is in a closed purse.  He has no shame in asking any kid or adult for a bite of what they have, and he usually opens his mouth like he’s going to take a bite and makes chomping sounds.  (Just a subtle clue that he wants some of what you have. :)  Although we definitely need to work on germ awareness and stranger danger, I love the innocent thought that most people really want to share with him.  I want to think more like that.  Most people are good.  Most people love their kids.  Most people are trying to be happy and want others to be happy.  What an amazing world it would be if we gave each other the benefit of the doubt a bit more, and judged a bit less.  How happy life would seem if we looked around and chose to see the good in people.

4.  Find Excitement in the Little Things.  I wish I could accurately describe B’s face as he get’s something that he wants.  His eyes get huge, he opens his mouth wide and gasps as if he’s just won a million dollars.  This happens frequently through out the day like when he gets to brush his teeth (not that we withhold, we just try to make it exciting :), when he sees his favorite blanket, when I tell him Daddy is coming home, when he gets a peach, when I ask him if he wants cereal in the morning, when he is getting juice, and the list could seriously go on forever.  This afternoon when my hubby got home from work he brought B one little Laffy Taffy.  I thought B was going to do a back-flip.  He was running up the stairs after Dad, laughing and smiling, and overflowing with joy over a little piece of candy.  I want to be like that.  I think there are so many little treasures every day that we forget are treasure.  We really are not entitled to anything, although many act otherwise.  Everything in our life is a gift, so shouldn’t we be overjoyed for even the small things we receive in this life.  I am so grateful for my constant little reminder that I have so much to be grateful for!

5. You Just Can’t Get Enough Play.  Of course, kids are always a great reminder of the importance of play.  My son is always willing to play and as long as you will chase him around the couch, he will run from you laughing and screaming.  He is always exploring and playing with everything he can get his hands on.  Everything is there for him to use (in his eyes) and anything can be fun.  How much better life would be if we had that same mindset.  Could we make cooking, cleaning, working out, or even working fun?  Yes!  And if doing so would make us as happy as B, we would be VERY happy people.

As I think about the love I have for my son, I realize how much he has already taught me and how much more I am sure to learn from him.  So watch your kids!  What have you learned from them.  I am sure we could all add quite a bit of happiness to our lives if we worked to be a little more like them!