Chocolate and Bananas.  How can you go wrong?  Being so so so hot during our Arizona summer, we are always looking for cold snacks.  We decided to have some fun with some of our favorite foods and it turned out delish so I had to share!  Perfect snack to make with your kids on a hot day!

We started out with some bananas that were about to get a little mushy so they needed to be used fast.  Perfect for frozen bananas!

Cut the bananas in half and stick a skewer in each one.  Now, the hardest part: melting the chocolate.  You have to be so careful because chocolate can burn quickly if cooked too hot.  I added peanut butter in the bowl of semi sweet chocolate chips in order to get the chocolate to stick on the banana.  Heat it in the microwave for one minute.  Stir and microwave in ten second intervals, stirring in between until you get your chocolate just melty enough to coat.  Sometimes all you need is a little more stirring, not cooking.

Next, dip the bananas in the chocolate mixture.  Be careful, because the bowl gets SO hot.  Believe me!  (Burned fingers prove it!)

Put them in the freezer and WALAH, the best treat ever!  Even a little bit health…banana and peanut butter!  :)

Happy Eating!

:) Brittany