So, I mentioned that we were going to the beach with my family a few weeks ago.  Well, we went and had the time of our lives!  It was such a blast.  My mom is so amazing at doing little things to make everybody feel great!  Each family member got their own beach tote complete with beach towels, a book to read, a pedicure kit for the girls, and lots of other cute beach things.  We had a menu and an activity of the day list on the fridge and each family was assigned a night to cook for everyone.  It turned out great and the best part was just being together!

One of my favorite activities was just for boys.  My dad went out and bought long PVC pipe and a PVC pipe cutter.  He also got a bunch of corner connecters and stoppers to fit at the end of the pipe.

The boys mission….

Marshmallow Shooters!

Surprisingly, there were not that hard to make.  (Especially when you have a computer engineer for a brother.)  They whipped out a ton of these, had a blast, and then made one for each of the kids.  My little guy ate WAY more marshmallows than he ever shot out! 

Here is a sketch of how the shooter is made.  You need two 2-3″ pieces, four 3-4″ pieces, and one long 5-6″ piece of PVC pipe.  You will also need two three way PVC connectors, two corner connectors, and two stoppers for the end of the pipe.  All of these can be found at your local hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowe’s.  Cut your pieces out using the PVC cutter and piece your shooter together using the diagram.

You will need mini marshmallow’s to play with these awesome guns!  Place the marshmallow at the end of the longest piece and then blow in the blowhole.  You’ll be surprised how far these babies go!  We’ve made them before at a family reunion and they were a blast.  One of my favorite things about them is that they breach the age barrier, putting everyone in the playing field and having fun.  These would also be perfect for a boys birthday party, and are definitely going on my party list!  Hope you have fun making these and don’t shoot your eye out!

:) Brittany