Looking for a quick and easy game that’s a blast?  The clothespin spin is just what you’re looking for.  Count out fifty clothes pins and have one person at a time clip them all over their clothes.  Start the clock and see how long it takes for them to pull all fifty off their clothes.  Let everyone try and the fastest clothespin puller is your winner.  Such a simple game, but I promise you’ll have a blast.  There’s something about a little friendly competition that always gets people excited and laughing out loud!

While you have your clothespins out, might as well play Clothespin Tag as well.  Give everyone five clothespins, have them pin them on their clothes and have them stand in different areas of the room.  (Make sure to create boundaries.)  On “go” have everyone try to take other people’s clothespins while still keeping theirs on!  This game is hilarious, but careful, it can get quite rowdy!

So What?  These games are perfect ice breakers.  Sometimes its important to just relax with your family and have some fun.  Seeing you laugh and be silly can really help your kids feel more comfortable when they need to talk to you about more serious things.  It may seem strange, but laughter really does connect people and open up the floodgates of understanding.  Along with family bonding, these games would be great for family night, family reunions, birthday parties, youth nights, or anywhere else you’re up for some fun.