(To be rapped to the Fresh Prince of Belaire theme song tune.)

In Southern California born and raised, with our family is where we spent most of our days.
Skiing and camping, relaxin’ by the lake, we are so glad we had an awesome mom that could bake.
When we needed a chance to get out of town, up to Utah we’d go where grandparents were found.
We’d play a lot of Rook and maybe read a book, and if we got into trouble grandma got us off the hook.

Doo doo, do do do, doodle doodle, doo doo, do do…

There, were, three of us kids, one boy in the middle, he did a good job at getting through the girl diddle.
We love playing games with a little competition, we all know that dad will never be a musician.
Eating dinner as family, we were able, to sit around laughing with each other at the table.
We’re all different but we all do our part, to keep it all together, we have family at heart.

Doo doo, do do do, doodle doodle, doo doo, do do do.

I should probably thank you for making it through our whole family rap!  Haha, I love the power of music.  I love how it brings people together.  Growing up, we had a family motto and we loved singing songs, but to make a family rap, would have totally been the cherry on top.  Just think of how many different places you could have used a family theme song!  Amusement park lines, car rides, family reunions, back to school night (ok maybe not THAT night) but seriously, talk about family unity!  This month for our family challenge, we want to challenge you to:

Create a Family Rap or Song

I asked my cousins to come up with something and here are the awesome tunes they roused up:

The Van Overbeek Beat

I come from a family of seven boisterous van Overbeeks
Though we’re definitely not perfect, I wouldn’t say we’re freaks.
Let me take a minute to you a little about our family name
I’m sure this little ditty will turn to be our five minutes of fame.

There’s a V cause honestly we’re really very crazy
And an A because let’s face it, we are kind of amazing.
N is when we laugh so hard we nearly wet our pants
Plus there’s an O for outrageously outstanding parents.

Another V for the victoriousness of our very lucky genes
And an E is for the love we feel even when we’re dramatic teens.
R is for respect; our parents taught us really good
Then Bs about being our BEST, just like we all know we should.

Double Es stand for exceptional expertise of our good parents
The K is for kooky people who really have good intents.
So there you have it, folks, my family in a nutshell
After hearing this little rap, our name you will not misspell.

So set a night apart, make some treats to get the creative juices flowing and come up with your own family theme song!  We can’t wait to hear what your family comes up with!!!

Share your Terrific Tunes below by:

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2: Jump on over to our Facebook Page and leaving a comment or a link for everyone to see!

3:Or simply share your Family Rap or Song on your blog and share the link with us!

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