I love family traditions.  They create unity and make our family different from others.  Many times when we think of traditions, we think of holidays, birthdays, and things that happen once a year, but some of my favorite traditions happen weekly or daily even.  These are the things that have shaped me growing up.  We did things like family prayers and eating dinner together as a family, but my favorite tradition growing up was morning breakfasts.

My mom would never fail to wake up every morning and make us breakfast.  Throughout high school, we left at 6:00 in the morning to go to religion classes before school started and my mom would get up even then to make us breakfast before we walked out the door.  I know, she was amazing!  Some days she would just put out bowls, spoons, and cereal, but every other day she would make pancakes.  She was famous for putting chocolate chips in her pancakes, and we would have breakfast parties at my house with our friends in high school.  It was such a blast and looking back, so great that a bunch of teenagers could have fun just eating breakfast together.  The thing that I loved the most about breakfast was starting every day knowing that my mom was saying I love you in that simple act.  I think every kid should be able to start the day knowing someone loves them.

So, this is a tradition that won’t end with me!  I love making breakfasts and although I am a little crazier in my selections than my mom, I still try to make every morning start with a little love for my boys.  My little guy loves helping to make breakfast and it’s been a fun tradition to make it together while we both don’t have school to get off to!Just like I did when I was a little girl, he can’t help but stick his finger in the batter and take a lick.  Now, I realize that pancake batter really doesn’t taste that great, but something about it as a kid makes you love it!

And in the end, we are all happy to have full tummies so early in the morning.  6:00 to be exact.  (And I was hoping that wouldn’t start ’til high school!)

So, what are your weekly or daily family traditions?  Please share!  We love starting new ones!!!