Ok I just had to share with you how our family olympics really went.  They were a blast!  It was one of the most memorable things we did together this summer.  Now the olympics have ended but I did watch my fair share and enjoyed every moment.  I feel so inspired by the Olympics.  Go Team USA!

 My sister prepared our “opening ceremony” by giving us a history lesson about the original olympic games.  We were split up into 3 teams: Athens, Spartans and Corinthians.  We learned what each team was known for and made our team flags accordingly.

Wheelbarrow Races

Wheel barrow Races

Our entrance to the games was done in true authentic fashion: wheel barrow races.  I love that some how two 4 year olds got paired up together and were left in the dust until they started to complain.  Oops :)

Crab Races

Crab Races

There had to be a fair amount of races in our olympics because there are so many track events in the real olympics.  I loved watching grandma do this race.  :)

Big Kids Race

Big Kids Race

And a little bit of serious, all out, competition.

Little Kids/ Old Kids Race

Little Kids/ Old Kids Race

Look at her face, she is so proud to have gotten a gold in this event!

Swimming Event

Swimming/ Getting Dunked

This was our swimming event and was a favorite among many.  There was a bucket of water on the other end of the yard that the kids took turns running too, dipping their sponge in, and then running back to wring the sponge into our buckets on our heads.

Shot Put


This was our chosen field event.  It was much harder than anticipated.  Especially when a gust of wind came right when you threw your straw into the bucket.


Archery/ water balloon sling shot

We had these really cool sling shots but in the end we make the water balloons too big to fit through the wedge.  Dang.  So we ended up just throwing the water balloons at the target.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics/ unroll the TP

I loved this event.  Especially the interpretive dancing with the toilet paper at the end.  But the goal here was to work with your team to get the toilet paper unravelled the fastest.


Rowing/ Stick Races

This has been a favorite activity at grandmas house for a long time.  But it was much more intense when there was a gold medal on the line.

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremonies

We made torches out of ice cream cones and caramel popcorn and then had fun doing our final lap around the yard to the Olympic theme song.

We had a running totally of gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals on the sidewalk with our homemade sidewalk paint.  I just forgot to get a picture.  We also gave out awards out in the form of bracelets with beads of the olympic colors.  I forgot to get a picture of those too.

Overall it was awesome.  I think every age of Olympians truly enjoyed the summer games!