Well, my little guy is turning two today and I can’t even believe it!  Does time really go by this fast for everyone else?  It is totally crazy!  We were kind of on a sabbatical of sorts last year and we didn’t really get to do a big 1 year birthday, so I decided 2 was going to be a big one.  My husband kept reminding me that he wouldn’t remember it, but what else brings a momma more joy than throwing her little guy a cowboy birthday party?  I mean, seriously.  I did try not to go overboard and I think it turned out perfect for the 12 little toddlers we had there!We had a fun spread of corn dog muffins.  (Not a huge hit with the adults but quite a hit with the kiddos to find the hidden piece of hot dog in the middle!  :)  We also had fruit skewers, cheese and crackers, and of course, horse cupcakes.  All things really cowboys, I’m sure, eat on a regular basis.

I found some perfect games for the kiddos thanks to The Mommy-Hood Memos.  Once everyone got to the party we started digging for gold!  We just filled up a little kiddy pool with sand and mixed in a bunch of gold coins.  Everyone brought their own shovels so they could all dig at once.

Some of the kids really caught on to finding the gold coins, and others were content pouring sand everywhere!  They had a lot of fun and I think for toddlers, the best kind of games are those they they can all do at once.

The next game we played was “Lasso the Cow” and it was definitely the hit!  The kids all held onto a hoola hoop and my amazing husband wore this cow hat and let the kids chase and catch him.  My son especially thought chasing his dad around with a bunch of other kids was the best thing ever!

The kids were all laughing and at one point they all fell down but luckily everyone hurried back up to catch the cow so there was no serious trauma!  :)

We also let the kids take turns being the cow and they thought that was pretty great too.  I will also say that this game was HILARIOUS for all the bystanders (parents) to watch!  Totally worth the whole party just to see these kids laughing during this game!

Next had to come the horse pinata!  At first I thought, how could we have a party without a horse pinata, but then I went to the party store and saw the price.  WHAT?  So, I decided to try my luck and make ours.  It was actually pretty easy.  I just cut out two horse outlines out of cardboard and duck-taped a three inch strip of cardboard between them so there would be space for the candy.  Then I got tissue paper, cut it into strips and shredded the ends to get that authentic pinata look :).  I just glued them all over and although my horses head is a little large, I was pretty excited about the end $2 result:

The kids had a blast hitting the pinata and were pretty good at taking turns.  My creation maybe had a little too much duck tape on it (Hey!  I wanted it sturdy!) so the hubs had to break it open in the end.

Funny how when you give kids a bag and there is candy on the ground, there is no need to tell them what to do.  Filing it up as fast as you can is just inherent!

Next we had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday!  B was a little shocked at so many people singing to him, but it didn’t stop him from digging into his cupcake one bit!  He even took a big bite out of his candle!  :)

I am a huge fan of cupcakes!  I love the fact that I don’t have to cut anything and they are already in individual serving.  Cakes may never appear at our house again.  (I mean if you can make it big, can’t you make it small?)  Anyways…party:

Lastly, we opened presents.  Can I just say that I love the way all the kids must help open presents.  What if we did that our whole lives?  That would give everyone a lot more presents to open on Christmas, and then everybody could get excited for what others are receiving.  Good idea?

I just had to mention one present in particular because it was so creative.  My friend Meghann made my little guy a box of bugs.  She bought a bunch of huge bugs and a Tupperware to put them in.  Then she labeled it “B’s Bugs”.  It was so cute and I am telling you, he has been playing with those bugs for days.  What is it with little boys and bugs?  So, if you need a cute gift idea for a little boy…make them a bug box!

My little cowboy had a blast and we are so grateful for him in our lives!

:) Brittany