I love Halloween and I love getting messy so when it came to needing to spruce up our October-house last week, I was pretty excited.  I wanted to find a fun kid-friendly craft for my almost two year old to do with me.  (He loves getting messy, just like his momma…maybe even more :)  I saw this cute Halloween jar craft done a few different ways on Pinterest and I tried to figure out what would make it easiest for B to help me with…

We decided to go ahead and use paint on the inside of the jars.  We got our work station ready with newspaper, cups, paintbrushes, and our jars and away we went…

The goal was to paint the inside of the jars in Halloween colors.  We had so much fun doing our project, I forgot to take pictures of the process, but here is my little guy’s work station:

Of course he felt the need to paint the jar, the paper, the cups, any part of the table that was still showing, and himself.  Luckily it was washable!

After the jars were painted, we turned them upside-down to dry (rotating them every so often so the rims didn’t stick).

Once they were dry I put Halloween cutouts on the side.  I cut them out with my beloved Silhouette, but modge-podging on a paper cut-out I’m sure would work just as well!  Make sure to put the cut-outs on with the jars right side up so you can put a candle in the jar and really make your decorations spooky!

These were so fun and turned out to be the perfect afternoon project for my little guy and I!

Do you have any more kid-friendly Halloween crafts going on at your house?