I get to work with the teenagers at church and it is so much fun!  I know there are some parents who like to complain about having teenagers, but my mom was always so positive about how fun we were.  We had rules, we had attitudes, and we even broke rules at times, but she was so good at trying to focus on all the things we COULD do and having good CLEAN fun with our friends.  I remember having game nights and movie night at our house that were such a blast!  After working with teenagers as a Recreation Therapist, I realized that the crazier the game, the more they like it.  Plus, the crazier you are, you allow everyone else to feel like they can let down their boundaries a little and just be themselves, which I think is hard for most teens.  That’s one of the big reasons I LOVE this game:


All you need is a big group (another reason I love it!).  Have everyone stand in a circle and pick someone to start.  You all put your hands together and bow to the middle like you are ninjas (because at this moment, you ARE ninjas!).  The person who’s starting throws their ninja hands in the air yelling “Hiiiii-YAHHH” and then points their hands to someone else in the circle as if they are slicing then right in half.  It is then that person’s turn to throw their hands in the air yelling “Hiiiii-YAHHH” and pass it on to someone else.  Now, while a person is yelling “Hiiiii-YAHHH”, it is the job of the people on either side of them to pretend to chop them in half with a sword while yelling, “Wahhhhhh!”.  The trick of the game is to not mess up.  If the “Hiiiii-YAHHH” person says the wrong thing or forgets to point to someone, they are out.  If the people on the sides of them forget to slice them in half or yell “Wahhhhhh”, they are out.  This game may seem simple, but I promise you, it will have your whole group rolling on the floor!

When I played with this group a few weeks ago, we were all laughing so hard that we ended up really never kicking anyone out.   We just kept playing for about 40 minutes and I think we could have kept playing and it still would have been hilarious.  The other great thing was that it brought in a ton of people from the outskirts.  With everyone yelling like crazy ninjas and laughing, other people can’t help but want to know what’s going on and join in on the fun.  While our group started out with about ten of us, we ended up with probably 25.  In the end, it got everyone feeling a bit more connected and got rid of a lot of awkwardness that can creep so easily into the teen scene.  Remember, don’t be afraid to be the crazy one!  I promise you others will quickly follow in your footsteps!  :)

P.S. Yes, I am the crazy pregnant lady in the pictures, ready to strike any second!


:) Brittany