I always seem to be thinking about my priorities.  I’m sure a big reason is because I have so many choices as to what, where, and with whom I will be spending my time.  I once heard someone say that God gives us too much to do and not enough time to do all so He can see where our priorities lie.  Haha,very smart.  :)  What busy parent doesn’t wish there were just a few more hours in the day (preferably during naptime) to get a few more things done.

Recently I heard a speaker that really struck me as he talked about priorities in his life.  As you have probably heard from someone before, he talked about working so hard when his family was younger and now that their all grown, realizing he should have spent more time with them while they were at home instead of spending so much time with his work.  He told a story of his son and daughter in law comparing schedules for the next month as they were over for dinner one day.  They had recently put their three month old in day care because they both have important jobs, and their schedules were full of social events and other things they deemed necessary.  As their father looked at their schedule he asked, “Would you like me to point out the things on here that really don’t matter?”  After cracking up, it made me think what someone else might say if they looked at my full schedule?  Am I putting my time into the things that are most important in my life?

This speaker then went on to talk about when his 3 year old twin grand daughters lived with him last year.  He said that as a grandparent, he noticed quite a few things that are harder for busy parents to sometimes realize.  One of the biggest “aha” moments was this: “Spending five minutes with your children when THEY want it, is more important than spending two hours with them when YOU want it.”  I have pondered that message since I heard him speak and really think it’s true.  It is so easy to say “later….later…after I finish this.”  What kind of message are we sending our children if we need to get “everything” done before we spend time with them?  We definitely aren’t telling them they are the priority.  Now, I know that we cannot possibly do this every five minutes.  Some things do need to be done, families must eat dinner, we can’t all wear dirty underwear, and kids must learn to do and play by themselves sometimes, BUT what a boost in confidence and love a child would feel if we strove to put them first a bit more often in our lives.  I think every five minutes given, shouts out “I love you.”

The subliminal messages we send our children might as well be posted, billboard size, on the walls of our home.  They come in loud and clear and truly do a lot in shaping the individual they are becoming.

Just some friendly food for thought…

:) Brittany