I couldn’t help but recite this famous childhood song.  :)  This week has been so crazy and SOOO much fun!  My sister is getting married and I don’t know if anything can be better than helping your family get ready for such an exciting event!  I have had so many thoughts about family that I want to share on Monday, but today I wanted to share a quick toddler game for the weekend!  :)

My little guy loves to help me cook and although it gets messy, he thinks it is the best!  He loves getting out pots, pans, spoons, and giving everyone a taste of what he is making.  I recently let him take a few measuring cups in the bathtub and he was in heaven, but I think his favorite recent game has been beans and rice.  Pretty simple to set up and I promise it will keep a little one busy for an hour!  :)

Just grab some bowls, cups, rice, and beans.  Pour them in one bowl and then let them go for it.  Something about being able to pour everything in and out is just amazing to these little guys.

So simple, yet so much fun!  It would have been great to do this on a tarp or something but I just ended up doing a lot of vacuuming and sweeping afterward…totally worth it though!  :)