I had mentioned before that I flew up to go wedding dress shopping with my sister.  It was so wonderful to be with her and share in her excitement.  It is amazing how I can feel just as excited for her to be married as I was for myself.  It’s different than a friend, I think because her happiness is so deeply personal to me.  As I had some time to just sit and think for a while at the airport, a phenomenon that has long since passed as I’ve had a toddler :), I pondered a lot about the importance of family and where I am putting them in my life.   My husband is great at always reminding me to simplify and think about what is really important.  I am SO into all the little details of things and he, luckily, pulls me back to reality and keeps me sane.  A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of not over-booking ourselves in play-dates and parties and making sure we have plenty of time to just be a family.  I love being scheduled, so this was a little bit hard for me.  I don’t mind having down time, but I do love having things to do and people to see.  I am definitely the social bug in our duet, and I am so grateful for the much needed reminder to focus on family.

One my flight, I read the most inspiring article called, Of Regrets and Resolutions, By Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He talked about the things people wish that they had done when they are older and looking back on their lives.  Three points are focused on specifically, but the one that stuck out to me due to my current pondering was, “I wish I had spent more time with the people I love.”  I felt like he was directly answering my thoughts when he said, “

Isn’t it true that we often get so busy? And, sad to say, we even wear our busyness as a badge of honor, as though being busy, by itself, was an accomplishment or sign of a superior life.  Is it?

I think of our Lord and Exemplar, Jesus Christ, and His short life among the people of Galilee and Jerusalem. I have tried to imagine Him bustling between meetings or multitasking to get a list of urgent things accomplished.  I can’t see it.

Instead I see the compassionate and caring Son of God purposefully living each day. When He interacted with those around Him, they felt important and loved. He knew the infinite value of the people He met. He blessed them, ministered to them. He lifted them up, healed them. He gave them the precious gift of His time….

Let us resolve to cherish those we love by spending meaningful time with them, doing things together, and cultivating treasured memories.

How hard it is to give the people closest to me the needed love and attention when my life is full of too much business.  As I was talking to my mom about all the different influences that are already in my son’s life, she gave me a much needed reminder.  She said that out of all the friends my son interacts with, I am the most important person he needs to be around and be influenced by.

With a new resolve to put my family first, I woke up one morning the next week and cancelled our plans to meet up with some friends that day.  I took my little guy on a picnic for some one on one time and we had a blast.  I felt refreshed and realized how wonderful it feels to take the time to step back from the craziness of life and focus on family.

I challenge you, especially during this Christmas season to think about the quantity and quality of time you spend with your family.  Is there something you can cancel in order to do something that might turn out to be an amazing memory for the ones you love?  Do it!

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:) Brittany